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Many Colors Inov8 F-Lite 195 Fitness Shoes (Standard Fit) ejsq180l4cp6

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The Inov8 F-Lite 195 Fitness Shoes
A precision fit combines with an ultra-lightweight build to produce the Inov-8 F-Lite 195 Trail Running Shoes. For athletes looking to develop a strong, natural running the style, the 195's posses everything needed to succeed.

A multifaceted shoe designed to produce optimal performance in differing disciplines, the F-Lite 195 is for athletes developing a strong, natural style and seeking increased proprioception. With a 3mm drop offering a more natural stance and a direct transfer of power to the user.
Giving each repetition of the gait cycle an energised life off the F-Lite 195 utilises fascia band? technology which replicates the anatomical position of the plantar fascia ligament. Duplicating the function of the human foot's ability to utilize the "windlass effect". As body weight moves forward onto the metatarsal heads and the toes begin to extend, tension on the inov-8 fascia band? increases. When the heel leaves the ground, the inov-8 fascia band? resists elongation of the medial arch and carries the entire body weight of the runner converting the shoe into a rigid propulsive lever; providing added propulsion across every stride.
Constructed with ROPE-tEC? the shoe delivers an added addition of rubberised caps over exposed EVA midsole areas, yielding added durability. Resulting in a greater purchase and protection attained when ascending and descending ropes.
AT the outsole the F-Lite 195 incorporates Inov-8's proprietary sticky rubber compound manufactured to increase your ability to gain a greater purchase on an array of surfaces, whether that be indoor or out. The sticky rubber outsole straddled with indentations has been specially developed using climbing rubber technology. Ensuring you always have the grip you need.

Standard Fit
- A wider toe box allows toes to splay.
Fascia Band?
- Mimics the ᄀᆴWindlass Effectᄀᆵ enabling a smoother transition through toe-off.
- A new element incorporated to aid with the ascent and descent when rope climbing.
3MM Drop
- Lots of proprioception and a flexible lower profile ride, great stability under weights.
Sticky? Compound
- Optimises grip even in the most demanding conditions.
TPU Upper
- Ensures a robust platform is available to the wearer.
Mesh Lining
- Enables ventilation to encapsulate the feet when temperatures rise.
- 3 mm.
- 195 g.
Manufacturer product code
- INO5054167203
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  • Many Colors Inov8 F-Lite 195 Fitness Shoes (Standard Fit) ejsq180l4cp6

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